Hi you can call me Valy, or Simone
I'm doing my masters in biochemistry and studying for my Mcat exam. I'm gonna be a foxy Doctor! #POW
I love fitness, having a healthy body and mind is the key to everything. Now don't confuse being skinny with being healthy. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SIZE ZERO to feel good about yourself or be strong and sexy.
Fitness has always been a passion of mine I can't help it. I can stare at pics of fit ladies and dudes all day.
I workout for so many reasons I can tell you if you want to know HAHAaaa
I'm def going to compete in NPC bikini before the end of this year. Dont be afraid to ask ANY questions, I'm definitely here to share my secret, well how I got this far. Stay BEAUTIFUL. I have a before and after pictures coming SOON!!!

I'm NOT an EXPERT in health or Nutrition. This blog to keep myself and others motivated and share what I do to stay fit and Healthy.
After eating crappy food I managed to smile

After eating crappy food I managed to smile

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