Hi you can call me Valy, or Simone
I'm doing my masters in biochemistry and studying for my Mcat exam. I'm gonna be a foxy Doctor! #POW
I love fitness, having a healthy body and mind is the key to everything. Now don't confuse being skinny with being healthy. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SIZE ZERO to feel good about yourself or be strong and sexy.
Fitness has always been a passion of mine I can't help it. I can stare at pics of fit ladies and dudes all day.
I workout for so many reasons I can tell you if you want to know HAHAaaa
I'm def going to compete in NPC bikini before the end of this year. Dont be afraid to ask ANY questions, I'm definitely here to share my secret, well how I got this far. Stay BEAUTIFUL. I have a before and after pictures coming SOON!!!

I'm NOT an EXPERT in health or Nutrition. This blog to keep myself and others motivated and share what I do to stay fit and Healthy.

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{i always make sure to hit food markets when i can, and it’s so hard not to spend all my money on the fresh, delicious fruit!}


{i always make sure to hit food markets when i can, and it’s so hard not to spend all my money on the fresh, delicious fruit!}

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  • It’s annoying when I see bullshit arguments on my dashboard.
  • The only thing that I get annoyed about lending my mum, is when I lend her rechargeable batteries and I don’t get them back. I’d lend/ give her money without any problems. I just want my batteries.
  • I’m going to try to watch at least 1…

I feel you man! Need those batteries back haha

Anonymous said: Oh no I don't find it annoying that you post about it a lot at all. It only helps motivates me, seeing that you did it, helps too. I was considering between bikini and fitness.

One positive vote! Yeah!

And cool. Go for it :)

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Luke James | Cliff Watts


Luke James | Cliff Watts

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Summertime Sun Tea

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thoughtsofablackgirl said: I ran cross country when I was in high school I continued after high school but i've stop due to school and everything else

I hear you. Do you want to get back into it? Or working out in general?

mentatmasterofassassins said: Hey what's up how are you doing Simone? Long time no chat. See you still looking as good as ever :-)

You are too sweet. Sorry for the late response. Sigh I’m
Living a busy life…and still not a millionaire tho lol

How you been?

normalcy-is-boring said: I dont blame you! There's only so much a person can take before enough is enough ya know? Ive had the same thing with a close friend of mine at the time, she kept doing the same thing over and over again, never listening to me, could have saved her alot of pain too, eventually I got so fed up I stopped helping her. Some people just gotta learn on their own, or not at all! And its no fault of your own, just theirs.

Yeah. Very true. Some ppl chose to make the same silly mistakes over and over. Well that’s your choice…
I’ll genuinely care for her but I’m jst tire of hearing the same mistakes. I jst can’t take it anymore.

heydeo said: You're not weird at all. I can't understand why people would put themselves through something like that over and over.

Exactly right?? I hv too much going on to worry about showing emotions for something stupid you keep doing.

Anonymous said: Hello, I want to train for the NPC women fitness competition. I don't know how to go about it. Is there any tips you can give me on how to do that like what exercise to do and how many day a week? Also what's the best work out for bigger firmer glutes?

Congrats on this decision? Hv you decided what class? Bikini? Figure? Physique? Or bodybuilding?

I post pretty much everything I do. Sometimes I feel like ppl find me annoying haha.

tocrownthewhole said: Its okay that you feel that way. I sometimes feel that way but I also realize that if that will be the case I won't be having a life long pity party. I'll be traveling the world, cultivating myself. That's what I'm doing now, single as could be. Yeah, sometimes I feel sorry but mostly, I'm happy.

Yeah! I’m working my ass off now to secure my future. Other good things happened to me already and more good things will happen….just not that. And that’s alright.

Who knows? we can travel together. The world is a very big place

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Quiana aka Q


Quiana aka Q

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